Introducing Miratech’s R&D4Equity Pitch Day

Exciting Addition to M-FORCE20

R&D4Equity Pitch Day Zurich: June 11 New York: October 21

Join us to pitch your vision, your innovation, and your company as Miratech assembles the region’s leading investment firms and global enterprises for M-Force20 and inviting some of the most innovative technology start-ups to pitch their companies to leading investment firms, angel investors, technologists, and corporations as part of our new R&D4Equity Pitch Day.

For each of the events, M-Force20 Europe and M-Force20 North America, Miratech and our M-Force20 sponsors will select 10 of the most innovative start-ups from those that apply to present live pitches at M-Force20 in both Zurich, June 11 and New York, October 21. M-Force20 provides a truly unique opportunity for start-ups to speak directly to investors, as well as technologists, potential clients and partners.


M-Force is a vital part of Miratech’s Value Innovation Ecosystem, which is an established network of startups, investors, global enterprises, and partners that has been expanding since our inception in 1989.

The cross-disciplinary, cross-sector networking environment at M-Force creates a unique opportunity for visionaries to accelerate their innovation model and define truly new ways that improve their product or service, eliminate costs by reducing undesired product elements. The unique interactions at M-Force enable entrepreneurs and investors to collaborate on the key factors each industry competes on to increase buyer value and build solutions their industry currently doesn’t offer.

Exactly How Miratech Enables Value Innovation

Are you a STARTUP looking for tech partners or to get funding?

Who we are looking for:

  • Disruptive B2B tech-startups in the emerging areas: Blockchain, AI, IoT, fintech, robotics, NLP, machine learning, IVR, and more
  • Companies with a third-party capital involved, post-seed round, series A/B
  • Companies looking to raise additional capital and attention to their solution globally, and meet potential investors and end-Clients

What’s in it for you:

  • Get your air time in front of leading investment firms, angel investors, technologists, and corporations
  • Win the chance for funding and receive Miratech’s R&D4Equity support
  • Connect with corporations who can potentially adopt your technology

Are you looking for the latest tech innovations?

Investors/VCs & PE Firms:

  • Discover new ways to make smart investments
  • Explore how you can lower your risks and accelerate ROIs by partnering with Miratech
  • Meet first selections of best-of-breed tech start-ups exiting accelerators and incubators
  • Meet likeminded investors looking at the most disruptive solutions around Blockchain, AI, machine learning, and more

Incubators and Accelerators:

  • Learn about how Miratech’s technical expertise can increase the success of your start-ups
  • Promote your current start-ups to an elite group of investors and business leaders
  • Connect with businesses to help them accelerate their innovation
  • Register your start-up(s) for R&D4Equity Pitch Day here


  • See the latest trends and disruptions that will be affecting your industries
  • Network with accelerators and incubators to connect on future opportunities
  • Find potential co-investors and co-creators for your own organizational innovation
  • Learn about how value innovation is occurring today

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About R&D4Equity

Miratech’s R&D4Equity solution creates new ways to fund start-ups while creating world-class technology teams to help execute their vision. Click here for more info.

For more information on participating in the R&D4Equity Pitch Day and to fill out an application form click here.