Value Innovation Will Headline
M-Force 2019


M-Force is an exclusive networking event for Miratech Clients, Partners and friends from around the world. M-Force attendees gather from a variety of sectors and disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of innovations being brought to market by Miratech and our Partners. Participants learn from world-class speakers, peer-to-peer networking and breakout sessions. The conference provides extensive business development opportunities for our global network of attendees.

This year’s theme is Value Innovation.

We will explore how by creating new approaches to partnering with companies, investors and each other we can redefine how Information Technology is viewed in the marketplace. Moving from an internal department beyond just a service, to a true strategic partnership.

There have been many industries that have undergone Value Innovation over the last decade, such as the recent 3PL explosion that has created the outsourced logistics services marketplace. Miratech is building a vision of the future where software R&D and IT operations can, should and will also become a services marketplace.

Similarly, other transformative Value Innovation models have disrupted markets in the last decade. Imagine the board decision for a leading manufacturer to give up their manufacturing capabilities? That is exactly what happened decades ago to create the contract manufacturing marketplace - where today 76% of OEMs plan on growing their use of contract manufacturing.

The contract manufacturing model has evolved to include a range of benefits that are at the core of the Miratech Value Innovation model:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is another excellent Value Innovation example, one that is seeing companies outsource both back and front office business functions such as HR, Accounting and Finance.

This year at the CES show in Las Vegas, The chairman of Toyota introduced an interesting example of Value Innovation, when he stated, “It’s my goal to transition Toyota from an automobile company to a mobility “services” company”.

These examples provide the framework for a lively exchange of how together, at M-Force, we can identify the best strategies and path for companies to explore Information Technology as a Service Marketplace.

Allowing our global network to leverage Miratech’s experience in building the Turn-Key solutions and create the first look!

Come to M-Force 2019 as we explore:

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Come be part of history as together we explore how Value Innovation can be applied to our industry and the new opportunities that it creates.  We look forward to seeing you all at M-Force 2019!