Digital Transformation Will Headline M-Force 2020


THRIVING in the Digital Revolution of Today’s Information Age

Having a vision is just one part of leading your business forward, especially in a world of digital transformation – through our mission, TO HELP VISIONARIES CHANGE THE WORLD, Miratech partners with our clients to engineer a company’s vision and builds the technologies to turn it into tangible, successful results.

Executing a digital transformation requires perfect alignment of internal teams along with your external partners. That’s what M-Force20 Europe conference is all about – finding those great partners.

This year’s event theme is “Digital Transformation: Engineering Your Vision” – we will discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with digital transformation in large organizations and ways they can leverage how start-ups are disrupting operational status-quos. This year we expand beyond our historic theme, Value Innovation – where global enterprise innovation meets start-up innovation – to detail specific solutions in Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Currencies/Transactions as companies move from the historical legacy systems to more SaaS-oriented models.

We will explore how companies innovate their business model by engaging customers, empowering employees, optimizing operations, and transforming products.